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5 Signs You Should Try a Compounding Pharmacy

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At a compounding pharmacy, the pharmacists actually put together the medication on site. You bring in a prescription from your healthcare provider and then, rather than scooping the medication into a bottle, your pharmacist creates the medication on site. Sometimes, you can get these services at a traditional pharmacy, but often you will need to go to a special compounding pharmacy. Wondering if compounding is right for you? Here are five signs you should try it:

1. You Need a Custom Dosage

A lot of premade pills come in a certain dosage. With some tablets, you can break them in half, but that's not terribly accurate. It's particularly difficult to get an accurate half dosage with powder-filled gel caps. If a child is taking the medication, it becomes even more important to ensure they have the right dosage and that they don't take too much. In these situations, a compounding pharmacist can help to ensure that you get the medication you need in the right size dosage.

2. You Want a Different Form of the Medicine

In that same vein, most medications come in a certain form, and if that form doesn't work for you, you should consult with your local pharmacy compounding services. For instance, if you have trouble swallowing pills, you may want a chewable pill. If you need the medication to get into your system faster, you may want to try an anal suppository over oral ingestion. Your doctor can help you figure out the best option for your needs.

3. You Have Allergies

Most medications have a number of ingredients in addition to the active ingredients. There may be colouring, fillers, coatings, binders, and all kinds of other potential allergens in your medication. To avoid substances you are allergic to, you may need to have certain medications custom made.

4. You Want to Add Flavours

Sometimes, you may need to add a compelling flavour to your medication. Often, this happens when you're trying to make medication more appealing to a child, a pet, or even an elder person. Again, a compounding pharmacist can make these extra flavours possible.

5. Your Medication Was Discontinued

Finally, in some cases, you may have already found the perfect medication; it's the right dose, it doesn't have any allergens, and you love the flavour. Unfortunately, those ideal medications sometimes become discontinued. Luckily, a compounding pharmacist can often make discontinued medications, as long as none of the active ingredients have been banned.